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Puntzi Lake & Chilanko Forks

Come explore beautiful Puntzi lake with us. Fish for kokanee and Rainbow trout. Puntzi lake is a major draw for birdwatchers. The American white pelican uses the lake as a food source in early spring throughout the summer, while trumpeter swans feed here in the fall until the lake freezes over. Please do not approach these birds. Boaters are asked to stay 100 meters from the island shore, which is where many of the birds have been nesting in the past few years. Woodlands Fishin Resort has cabins and serviced RV campsites on the lakeside.

Puntzi Lake Annual Fishing Derby

The resorts on the lake have an annual derby the first part of July. Each Year one of the Three resorts host the derby. There will be a dinner on Sat. July 8, the derby is July 6, 7, 8. We have prizes for the largest fish in kokanee and trout, there is a men's and woman's and kid’s categories. Prizes are handed out on Sunday at 1:00 pm. You can register at the resort the day of the derby, come out for a day of fishing or spend the weekend with us in a cabin or on one of the campsites.


Fishing for Trout and Kokanee is very productive on Puntzi lake. Spinning and Trolling are probably the most effective techniques, and there are a number of different setups that will work well. Small Gang Trolls with worms, spoons such as dick nite, a willow leaf and Wedding Bands, all are good choices. Also, Flashers can work well and are popular. When you get to the east side, a downrigger can be helpful too. Because of the depth. There are several weedy areas, these can be the best places for fly fishing. The food is abundant, and the weeds are a good cover. Early in the season, and again in the fall are the best times for fly fishing.


Keep an eye out for the endangered white pelicans in the spring and summer, and trumpeter swans in the fall. Location of pelicans is changing. in 2014 many of the pelicans are now nesting on the island on Puntzi lake. Boaters are asked to stay 100 meters from the island shore.


Woodlands Fishin Resort is situated in the Caribou Regional area 5-12 but close to 5-13, 5-4, and 5-5 that will give opportunity to hunt a variety of different species like: Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Black Bear, Moose. Outside hanging stations are available at the resort with meat cutters nearby. There is a 100m range nearby if you need to sight in your rifle.